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House Relevelling

Precise Underpinning & Restumping is the answer to all your house reveling needs. We offer a range of leveling foundation services based on our decades of experience.

In older buildings tilting occurs usually because of uneven settlement of the ground, which in turn which in turn may be caused by various problems, such as the presence of too soft, too weak, unconsolidated or expansive Soils under the building, varying groundwater table, mining activity and so on. Levelling is the replacement packing or adjustment of existing stumps that are causing the house to be off-kilter. It’s important to protect your property by having a strong foundation and house levelling is often required to safeguard your home from weakened foundations.


Relevel house foundation involves the repair of your home’s foundation. This will restore your home to its original state while addressing any other foundation issues that may or may not be apparent.

House leveling is the process of lifting a home back to the position that it was in when it was new.

It is best to request a inspection from the pros to sort out the need for any issue that cannot be left unattended. we deliver a job that we are proud to put our name on as We work only with the best methods and materials to ensure the highest degree of quality and safety.

You can always be assured Choosing Precise Underpinning & Restumping as we are available when you need us so that you never have to wonder where we are or what’s scheduled next in the process.

House leveling is the process of lifting a home back to the position that it was in when it was new.

Does your house need leveling services?

It goes without saying that there are several warning indicators that can let you understand if your house needs leveling

Cracks in the interior or exterior,
Gapes in the mortar joints,

Uneven floors
Stuck doors and windows
Cracked or leaning chimney stacks

Severely cracked Plaster walls or ceilings