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Before the 1960s, many homes in Melbourne were built on top of wooden blocks. The rationale behind this was that the blocks would enhance the support of the house already received from the foundations. For the most part, this worked well, except that timber blocks – no matter how durable or resilient they are – eventually succumb to rot or termite damage. To preserve the structural integrity of the home, from the levelness of the floors to the evenness of the home’s framework, the old blocks need to be replaced with new blocks in a process called reblocking. If you are looking for a specialist service provider of reblocking in Melbourne who boasts 15 years of experience, call Precise Reblocking and Underpinning and discover how we can help preserve your property.


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If you notice the doors of your house are sticking, the floors are squeaky or uneven, or the plaster is cracking, then it’s possible that the blocks underneath the house have begun to rot or have moved and underpinning in Melbourne is required. Movement of the blocks can occur due to the natural movement of the soil, a natural occurrence like an earthquake, or even if nearby soil has been excavated for use elsewhere. By reblocking your home, which involves removing the damaged wooden blocks and replacing them with long-lasting concrete blocks, we can restore the evenness of your home and protect its structural integrity. You may also want to see Restumping..?

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For over 15 years, Precise Reblocking and Underpinning has provided Melbourne homeowners with the peace of mind that their property will remain structurally sound and level with our reblocking services. For further information or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote for reblocking in Melbourne, give us a call on 0439 321 304 or contact us online.

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